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. resemble a field of poppies or sunflowers in the garden, Klimt. CSIC / BOE "In this painting the stars are like plates that seem to move (spre Neurocyclin ad of the plates) driven by a wind -the shaped elongated strokes appearing in the central part of canvas- invading the patient's brain," DeFelipe writes that It concludes that, with all its evocative power and the best spirit "intruder" is only part of this monumental work extolling the "beautiful mental exercise" that represents "try the two universes are condensed into our brains through art and science". As an admirer of Ramon y Cajal and Juan Ramon Jimenez, Javier DeFelipe vindicates the poetic prose of the author of Platero and I as another bridge linking disciplines


need each other to account for a reality whose understanding anyway escapes us. "Magnificent synthesis of art, science and human Neurocyclin
ity", in the words of Eudald Carbonell, the book is not limited to suggestive exercise of drawing analogies between real images and works of art but also exposes the progress and challenges of modern neuroscience addition to touring the history of the neuron and the methods that were used in the dawn of this branch of knowledge that still remains the most enigmatic, as the paleontologist and archaeologist gerundense in presenting the volume edited by the CSIC and the BOE. In its undeniable scientific value, for each picture carries its original legend and its exact source is, The Garden of neurology adds a main body of beautiful drawings from the golden age of artistic


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